Best Timing for Green Card Application

Lost H-1B but Won O-1 & EB1B

Recent NSC Approved “Weak” EB-1A RFE Cases

Must read for H-1B Applicants

100% Approval Rate for 2019 H-1Bs

EB-1B for Arts Major

PERM introduction

EB1B Approved in One Month (no PP)

How to Deal with H-1B RFE

100% Approval Rate for O-1 Cases

Essential Elements for NIW Approvals

Make a difference

NIW is Great in Value

Two Principles for Green Card Application

We are seeking Attorney, Law Clerk and Legal Assistant

EB-1B amazing approval

Level I Wage Issue for H-1B Cases

Change to Finance Field

H-1B or O-1?

H-1B RFE Response

100% H-1B Approvals in 2015

Sponsorship Issue on EB1B Cases

O-1 visa basic information

Recently-Approved NIW Cases

Some Average Approved EB-1A and EB-1B Cases for Your Information

Approved NIW/EB1A/EB1B Cases with Low Citations

Some New Average Approved EB-1A and EB-1B Cases

H-1B Cap-Gap Issue

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